Phil help in belfast

Hi my name is phil I am 28 and I am 6ft and am willing to help any single women are couples to have kids.

Willing to travel around belfast to help and will be happy after I help not to have contact afterwards and don’t care about age are that as I jst want to help as I see everyone should have a kid that makesthem happy contact me if you would like help

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  1. Hello there. We saw your interesting comments and wondered if you would be interested in helping us. We are a married couple from outside belfast.

  2. Hi Phil

    Me and my wife have been looking to find a donor for years now of you can help can get in touch to discuss further.

  3. Hi im Helen

    My partner and I cant have children as he has problems with his sperm, I would be so grateful if you could help me. I would love to be able to give my son a brother or sister, it would be like winning the lottery for me. and I would be so grateful if you could get back to me


  4. Hi there
    Wondering if you can help im looking to have another baby unfortunately it hasnt happend for me and my partener i have a loving family home

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