Peter – NI donor: Blonde, blue eyes, 6 feet – Farnborough

Blonde, blue eyes, 6 feet, Masters degree in Business.
Healthy lifestyle, vegan, never used drugs, don’t smoke, don’t drink.
3 children (now teenagers). No adverse herediatry or genetical history.
Available Farnborough in Hampshire or travel.
Motivation: Purely survival -the selfish Gene (Richard Dawkins). Since we all die, the only mechanism life gave us to “continue” living is via our offspring.
Good sense of humor, love the arts, sciences.

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  1. Hey peter….me and my partner have been looking for a doner for the next couple of days im just wondering if you was avalible ? We did have someone who would butnhave been let down. We are looking for ai doner we are from fordingbridge Hampshire. Please let us know asap either by email or text ————-

    thank you in advance

    from both of us.n

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