13 Replies to “Pete – Hull ai donor available”

  1. Hi ! Are you still donating for women ? Me and my girlfriend are looking for a sperm donor we both live in grimsby so not får from you. Could you please Text me on —————— as im not great at technology haha many thanks 🙂 x

  2. Hi me and my partner are looking for a sperm donor. We are in Hull. And was wondering if you would be interested?

  3. Hi could you please text me on ————- please i only have a phone and its not wonderful with the internet ect… Thank you!:)

  4. Hi I was just messaging to enquire whether or not you are still donating in Hull as my long term partner and I want to start a family. I am always available via email.

  5. Hi me and my wife have been together 5 and half years married 1 looking to start our family looking for a AI donor would love to know more about you thank you x

  6. Hello, are you still donating? Me and my wife are hoping to have a baby. Please can you email me if your still donating and provide some more information.
    Kind regards

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