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First time Donor from Nottingham. I am a Caucasian male (as are all my ancestors) looking to help a couple or single lady to become mother/parents . I am willing to go through health details with you and I am in good health I have never contracted any STD’s of any kind. I have never used any kind of illegal drugs I do not drink, only occasionally wine. I’m just here to help you have your perfect child.Also willing to be contacted in the future for genetic siblings if that is your wish. Statistically Im 5’10” Dark hair, green/Hazel eyes and medium build, 12.5 stone.I will provide photographs of myself and my 4 children at various ages ( all pretty, slim and handsome) If I do not hear from you then I wish you luck in your quest and wonderful happiness in the future.

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  1. Hello 🙂 I am hoping to find someone to help me and my fiancee have our first baby 🙂 we are young in age, but are beyond our years mentally and relationship wise 🙂 we have been together for 4 years and are getting married next year 🙂 but we would like to get pregnant so that our baby could be there when we get married 🙂 if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂 my email is hope you can help! If not, all the best for the future 🙂

  2. Hi Paul,
    My wife and I are looking for a sperm donor to help us fulfil our dream of becoming mummies. We have been together for five years and married for a year in May. We are from Birmingham and willing to pay any travel expenses. If you think you can help us my email address is Hopefully hear from you soon 🙂

  3. Hi I’m a single mother of one little boy nearly 4 years old he’s my total world and I would really love another child but I don’t want a relationship as I am totally happy on my own raising my child. I have so much more love to offer to a brother or sister to my little boy

  4. hi. me and my wife are looking for a sperm donor from around Nottinghamshire. we have been known each other 13 years, together 5 and married one. we both have a child from previous relationships but love to have a child together. we have a lot of love to give and are financially stable. we did think we had found a donor who helped on one cycle and has let us down on numerous occasions since then. we are willing to pay travel costs, will provide updates through pregnancy and at birth along with pictures as proof of healthy child for anyone else you may donate to. we only wish for AI donations though. if you think you can help us please do contact us.

  5. Hi my wife and I have been planning for a baby for a number of years now and have been let down numerous times by clinics and private donors. We have been happily married for two years now and we are extremely excited to begin our own family. AI is the method we wish to use and can cover reasonable travel expenses.

  6. Hi I’m wanting some one to help please I’m a single woman and I do have children but I am desperate to have another child to complete my family.I have a fantastic family and am able to financially support a child. If you think you would be able to help please get in contact only want to use Ai thank you

  7. Hello im intrested im single and would love to start a family i would be intrested to have a child i would love to have someone to look After and love please could you contact me im mixed raced.

  8. Hi Paul
    We are a lesbian couple married since 2012 in a loving relationship we have already got a donor daughter who is nearly 2 and would love for her to have a brother or sister so could you please contact me 🙂 we live in Mansfield Notts
    Thanks hope to hear from you sooooon x

  9. Hi Paul
    We are a happily married lesbian couple looking for an ai donor with clear sti check proof. PLEASE contact us ☺ we live in the mansfield area but can travel to meet up etc if needed. Thanks so much and good luck with your first donations ? x

  10. Hi Paul,

    Me and my partner are planning to have a baby in the new year and would appreciate it if you could contact us.


  11. Hi there
    I’m single and just starting to look in to sperm donation to enable me to have another child. I already have a child and I’m emotionally and financially able to support having another child to complete our family. I’ve raised my child as a sole parent and would love to do this again and I have an amazing family who are very supportive.
    If you could contact me I’d like to discuss things further if possible, many thanks

  12. Me and my girlfriend are looking for a donor and I don’t really want to say to much for all to see but willing to talk privately

  13. Hello,

    My partner and I have just been through our first cycle of IVF. Unfortunately we miscarried and are desperate to try again but we do not have the funds to go through another cycle. If you are still happy to donate please message us.
    Kindest regards

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