paul – healthy proven tested donor southwest can travel

hi im paul 45 and im a healthy proven tested ni/pi sperm donor my looks are im white English 5ft10in dark hair green eyes attractive, I have fatherd 7 children so far 3 with my ex wife and 4 via donation so my sperm seems very fertile plus I can travel to wilts mids glos somerset cornwal. mail me if I can help. thanks paul

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  1. Hi could you please send me some more information. I’m 27 in a relationship I’ve been in for 5 years and very much would love a baby. I live in north Wales

  2. Hi Paul,

    My Wife and I are very keen to start a family and therefore need a donor! Would love to discuss in more detail with you privately.



  3. Hi I have come across your profile & we would love to chat some more. We are a lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor,
    This is the strangest thing picking a donor but I do hope to chat some more 🙂
    p.s we live in cornwall but can pay for travel if needed. We are looking for home insemmination.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Hi Paul. We are in Falmouth, Cornwall and wanting desperately to have a child of our own. We are in a civil partnership and have been together since 2001.
    We are a genuine, caring lesbian partnership and would love to talk to you about donating.
    Please get in touch
    Angie & Lynda

  5. Hi Paul

    Me and my husband are having fertility problems so are looking for a donor could you contact me to discuss it further

    Thanks Lisa

  6. Hi Paul.i am very interested in talking to you . I’m in a relationship for 8 yrs now and we would very much love to be come parents. Please could you get in touch with me
    . Thank you very much xx

  7. Hi paul…
    Me and my partner of 5 years are looking to start our family. We are same sex couplewho absolutly loves children and it is something we have been discussing for a little while.

  8. Hi paul me and my partner of 8 years are really wanting to start a family of own and would love it if u could help to make a dream come true many thanks ….

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