Nicole Find a sperm donor

Hi,im Nicole and me and my partner Stephan are searching for a sperm donor around the South Yorkshire area..
Donor must have dark hair dark eyes and pref be below 6ft tall I’m 21 and Stephan is 25.
We have been speaking about having a child for a long time… I come from a small family but Stephan comes from a large family with lots of kids I know we can provide a loving happy life to a child and would appreciate any help that could be possible given.
we are currently living in for methods we are looking for AI or NI but NI pref just because it has a better success rating compared to AI.
We are a very stable couple that have spoke in depth about this and we are shore this is the right thing for us thanks in advance 🙂

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  1. Hi, I fit the criteria you and your partner have specified and would help if possible. I am 25, BMI:22, 5ft 11″ dark eyes, and have no known health conditions or hereditary illness in my family

  2. I am an experienced donor who can help. 6ft, athletic, brown hair and dark eyes. Full STI recent check up to show. Can travel to you

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