Nicola – Sperm donor wanted :)

Hi, I’m a single straight female with two children. I am looking to have another baby but can’t be bothered with a relationship. I work full time, own my own house and could support another child. I’m 33 nearly 34 and times ticking on. If anyone could help I’d be grateful. I live just outside Chester.

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  1. Hi Nicola, would you be willing to travel to the Fort William area to make this dream come true? Please contact me by email and we can chat a little, I am a light drinker and non smoker, healthy fit and clean

  2. Hi Nicola

    I am 39, straight, white, male olive skinned, slim build and although I now live in the Mid Cheshire area I originate from Lancashire. I am fit and healthy and have two children from a previous relationship who are both very bright. A friend of mine can’t have children so I though this would be a great way to bring some good karma.
    I am a professional person and I exercise nearly every day and love outdoors and my dog, I love dog….
    If you have any other questions please get in touch

  3. Hi,
    I am 31, very healthy and would be happy to help, I live in your area.

    Im good looking brown hair, blue eyes stocky build and very fertile.


  4. Hi I’m within 4 mrs of Chester I’m a proven reliable a tested donor . Happy to help for as long as required please ask away if you have any questions . Antony

  5. Hi Nicola,

    I can help only living a couple of miles away from chester myself !

    Fairly active sporty individual love being outdoors.

    If i can help please let me know


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