Neil Caucasian hetrosexual

Hi I’m a Caucasian hetrosexual male in a stable 10 yr relationship with my partner. Im 6ft 3in tall 220lb and medium build brown hair and blue eyes. I’m a non smoker, non drinker for 30yrs and do not use any drugs. I have never had an std or stI happy to show my medical records. I’m rarely ill or sick. We have 3 children 5, 4 and 14mnths and one on the way. My partner has caught within a month on 3 of them. Every one states how beautiful our children are. They are all very healthy and the 2 girls have blue eyes, with blonde hair boy has brown hair blue eyes.
I don’t wish to have future contact with any child. I only want to do AI.
I’m happy to answer any questions

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  1. Hi me and my partner are looking for someone to donate AI only and you sound perfect, we don’t want anyone who would want to see the child afterwards as the child would be brought up as my partners. Please get in contact if you would be interested. Thank you.

  2. Hi I’m looking for AI only and you sound exactly what I’m looking for. I’m nearly 40, stable and settled. Please get in contact if you think you could help.

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