Nathan – Sperm donor

Hello there I’m from Walsall I’m 22 and have been a donor for 3 years now
I have test results from Birmingham hospital saying that I’m all good have had all medical twat done to become a donor
I will help anyone have a baby by giving samples
I don’t need to have any contact with any child
Me and my partner of 5 years don’t want kids so decided to foster 2 years ago we are fun out going people
She knows that I help parents who need it
I have blonde – brown hair blue eyes no family history of any medical problems

Message me

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  1. Hi

    Me and my partner would like to have a child. We are a lesbian couple early 30s, and have been together for approx 4 years.

    Therefore I would be very grateful if you could contact me on my email to discuss the possibility of sperm donation.

    Thanks very much Esha

  2. Hello there Nathan,
    I have just been reading your bio and i was wondering if you are still a live donor?
    if so i was wondering if we can discuss maybe using you to be our key to the start of mine and my partners family.

  3. Hiya we are a lesbian couple from Birmingham we would love the opportunity to talk more be great if you could get back to us not sure how to get in touch with you?


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