Michael Healthy non smoking 31 year old

After having my own child 6 years ago I realized she was enough for me but always wanted to help others build a future,

Then last year I helped my best friend and his wife have there child after many failed attempts and failed ivf

If I can be any use to you please get in touch I just want to help

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  1. Hi Michael me and my fiancé are looking for a Sperm donor around West Sussex! How local are you to us!
    We already have a 4 year old from my partners previous relationship and are hoping to give her a little brother or sister.

  2. Hi Michael,

    Me and my fiancée are looking to start our family. We are both lesbians so the process for us to start a family can be a little complicated but we are quite excited.

    We are not that far from Gatwick Airport, is this quite local for you?

  3. Hi I’m a single lesbian and would really love it if we could talk in pm about you possibly being my donor so you can help me achieve my dream of having a child ?

    If you can pm me would really be amazing ?.

  4. Hi my girlfriend and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while but I have problems could you please contact us so we can find out more about how this works
    Thank you

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