Michael Donor looking for recipient

I am a 30 year old bisexual man living in Manchester. I am looking to leave a lasting biological legacy for myself but also to provide someone/couple with a baby who they can love. This is something I have been considering doing for a while.
I have two University degrees and I own my own place in Manchester City Centre with a stable life and loving family. I am an outgoing, caring and intelligent individual.

Please message me for more information. Thankyou, look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Hi Michael my future wife and I are looking for a local sperm donor ai only we have a little girl who would love to have a little brother or sister

  2. Hi I am looking for a sperm donor I had a miscarriage last year and now feel ready I am 32 and would desperately love a family of my own

  3. Hi,
    It is my dream to become a mum, now being 28 and my partner not able to give me children I am looking for a Sperm donor. Please could you message me.
    Thank you

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