5 Replies to “Melanie Looking for NI Sperm Donor”

  1. Hi Melanie.
    I am Tony from the stoke on trent area. I am willing to help. If you would like to get in touch/ask questions, I also have a profile.

    Thank you.

      1. Hi Melanie.
        Hope you are well. Thank you for your message.
        Yes I have donated twice over the last 5 years. As you can see I am not a serial donator. I only donate on occasions.

        Thank you

        1. Hi Tony,
          Thank you for your reply back, I am good Thanks. Sorry to ask outright if you have Donated before, just this is new and different to me and was wondering what the next and best steps are, with u donating before hoping you know what’s best.
          Thank you Melanie.

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