Mel – Sperm Donor Required ASAP :)

Hi, I am on the Isle of Wight, and in need of a donor ASAP.. I am 31, straight single female and really want to be a single mum! It is my dream – Must be over 5ft 10 – No older than 40, brown hair/blue eyes! White british only! NO foreigners.. Please get in touch 🙂 xo

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  1. Hi Mel, I’d like to help I have all the right attributes apart from the age. I’m 44 in a couple of days. I spent most my life in the military. I have two children(boys) both blonde hair blue eyes. I’m 6ft 3 but going a bit grey as to much stress in the army lol.
    I live on the isle of Wight and originally from Manchester, I’m in a long term relationship with my wife to be. If you would be interested please email

  2. Hi, are you still looking for a donor? I’m on the IOW, 5’10”, in good health, 33 years old, British, no issues with fertility, brown hair, grey/blue eyes

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