Matthew – Sperm donation

I’m a 29 year old medic living in Liverpool. I’m tall, like playing sports and travelling (when I can find the time!). I’m fit and healthy and there are no genetic diseases running in my family. Looking to donate via NI. I’m happy to do health screen etc as required.

I can meet my own travel expenses as long as it’s not too far. If successful I would not wish to have any contact with the child. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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  1. Hi I am looking for a sper donor which would not like anything to do with the child. As me and my girlfriend would really like to be parents really hope to hear from you c

  2. Hi Michaela,

    Nice to meet you! Could you give me a little more information about yourself and your girlfriend. Where do you live? How would you like to go about it?

    Hope to speak to you soon.


  3. Hi im also from liverpool and wish to be alone parent i already have one child but would love lots more as i love kids! Hope to hear from you soon.

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