8 Replies to “Matthew – donor in West of Scotland”

  1. Hi mathew myself and my partner are wanting to have another baby can you get back to me with more information we already have a 3 year old son have been married for 2 years and new each other for 11 years

  2. Hi Kirstie,
    How are use, I would be happy to donate if your happy with me.
    I’m 6th average build, short brown hair, have a child of my own from a past relationship (who’s 10).

    1. Hey Matthew are you still interested in being a donor ? I’m in West of Scotland North ayrshire. Co parent match name melissa138

  3. Hey 🙂

    We have been looking at your post and feel that you may fit our bill. We are a lesbian couple from near Edinburgh and already have 1 daughter who is now 3. We are now wishing to have another baby to complete our family. We are looking for someone who is willing to donate using the AI method (no sexual contact of any sort) and also someone who is willing to be STI checked as we are wishing to do this the safest way possible. We also wish someone who doesnt want any involvlement after birth. We are willing to pay all expenses plus a little for your time. We are currently using a fertility monitor and it states that you donate once at high fertility and once during peak fertility. We are wishing to try conceive in March. Please do get in touch if you can help.

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