Matthew Donor available in Leeds


I’ve never done this before but I’m happy to become a donor if it will help somebody.

I am 5ft 10ins with light brown hair and green eyes. I am University educated. I have 20/20 vision and no history of health problems, nor does my family. I don’t smoke but drink occasionally.

Not sure what else to write but if you have any questions feel free to message me.


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  1. Hi my name is Jenny I am looking for a sperm donor I am 24 and looking for ai donationI am wanting a child of my own to give all my love to if u can help please get intouch thanks Jenny

  2. Hi Matthew, Would love to get in touch. You sound very kind and understanding and I would love the chance for you to change my life. thanks

  3. Hi me and my partner are really wanting to start a family. Could you get in touch you sound like a decent guy. We are a lesbian couple BTW.

  4. Hi Chris I’m looking for a donor based in Yorkshire so I’d be willing to travel to you. I would either like an ni or ai donor. If you are willing to help please get in touch – my co-parentmatch is emma621. Thanks x

    1. Hi Emma

      hopefully I can help if you are still looking.
      34 years old white male, 6 feet 2 and average build

      non smoker and non drinker, zero health issues and a clean family history

      if interested would to love to chat and see if I can help


    2. Hello Emma
      My name is oliver, I am 33 years old, 6ft tall with dark brown eyes and hair, I have a full thick head of hair and great teeth, slim well built athletic body which tans very dark in the summer. no medical problems or family issues, I have three beautiful children already and will shortly be going for a vasectomy so wish to help others with my gift before I do so.
      Please let me know if you are interested.
      Thank you

  5. Hi
    As me and my partner have been in contact with a few donors but have not got anywhere else due to distance. Ect.. me and my fiancé have been together 2 years and have a 5 year old amd we are looking to extend our family, we are based in stainforth, Doncaster and looking for A.I donors only!

  6. Hi Wayne,
    Me and my partner would both be interested in your donation and would love to hear back.
    Thank you

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