Mary – Looking for donor or co-parent in the North East

I’ve always wanted children but the time was just not right. Now I know that there is no such thing as ‘the right time’, just the point when you know you are ready for the challenge. 😉 For a while by now, I’ve been looking for a donor with heart and mind, who would also like to keep in touch with the child’s life in any form (e.g. via email, maybe occasional visits, whatever would work best for everybody in the long run).

I am 34, a university postgrad, a part-time tutor / part-time PhD student: i.e. flexible hours and a lot of experience with children.
Even though I am not religious, I have two godchildren (now five years old) and have always been babysitting, tutoring school children, doing public reading sessions for kids at the local library etc. Thus prepared, I am so much looking forward to raising a child of my own, show him/her the wonders of the world and let it discover what kind of individual person it can be. Unconditional love, a violence-free environment (both physical and psychological), fostering mental development, those are things that go without saying. In a nutshell, I’d be a parent with clear ideas and rules but one who would also build a snowman and do some ‘serious’ puddlejumping in the rain. 😉

I am looking forward to hearing from anybody interested!

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  1. Hi
    Im a 34yo Irish male living London
    6ft1 Brown hair, grey eyes, good build/looks
    Above average IQ, healthy and sane.

    If interested get in touch:—————-

    Regards S

  2. Hi Mary, I’m a 33 year old guy from Darlington and would love to help you out. I also find the offer to play a part in the childs life rather inviting know matter how big or small a part it would be.

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