Martin Willing to donate Aberdeen / Glasgow and surrounding


My name is Martin, I’m 31, generally healthy, willing to donate in Scotland. Light drinker, non smoker, hard working and successful in business.

I have two beautiful, clever, happy, healthy adorable boys of my own and have no problems helping someone out.

My number is ———– and you can contact me anytime


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  1. Hi Martin I came accross your add and wondered if this is something you would consider for someone wanting to become a single mother? Many thanks

  2. I have been loooking for a sperm doner for some time.My fiancee is unable to have children and I am 30yrs old and feel ready now.i need a donor who wishes no contact after successful conception.i am also looking for a donor who is happy with a natural conception, I understand this is not for everyone especially if they have a partner.Thanks for taking the time to read this


  3. Hello
    My name is Martin am Polish and I’m ready to donate to families who need it.
    I am 27 years Pharamedyk profession.
    I look forward to hearing

    1. Hi Martin my name is Lisa and my partner Ashley are looking to expand our family if you could email me and we could chat some more thank you

  4. Hi martin looking for a donor for myself and my partner. Would you be able to contact us direct for more information. Thanks very much xx

  5. Hi could you mail me please. Single Glasgow woman, 10+ years of childcare experience and would be a stay at home mum to take care of child’s every needs.

  6. Hi Martin, my partner and I are looking for a donor and was just wondering if you where still up for grabs. If you could just mail me with abit more info and a chat. That would be great thanks

  7. Hi there. Are you still available? Myself and husband are looking for a donor and we are living close by, in Edinburgh. Please get in touch if you think you could help! Erin

  8. Hi me and my partner are ready to start a family we currently live in Aberdeen area. Are you still willing to help. Please get in touch

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