Martin – 34 year old man willing to donate high quality sperm.

Hi. I am an active, healthy, highly motivated and ambitious, working and studying man. I am white, I have dark hair and brown eyes. My weight is 11.4 stones, and height is 6 feet. I have no addictions and never had, do not smoke and do not drink alcohol. I neither use coffee (caffeine) nor a tea. Do not use any food containing artificial additives (sweeteners, preservatives, vinegar). My diet consist of high quality fresh food, i.e. 40% meat, 30% fat, 30% nuts, fruits and vegetables; no dairy or grain-based products. I’m resistant to most of widely spread diseases which means I never catch any flu, cold or similar. I do not use any medications, pain killers, antibiotics, vitamins or others. I have an excellent blood quality and a pressure.
I have a few conditions under which I will agree to donate.
Please email me if you have any questions, I will be very happy to answer.

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