Lynne – Sperm donor wanted yorkshire area

Good evening

We are a lesbian couple, we have been together for 4 years, have lived together (just bought a house) since April and are looking to start a family of our own. We are recently married.

We like to spend time out socialising with friends and family, going on holidays abroad, shopping (mainly for little nick nacks for our home) and generally having a laugh together.

We are looking for a sperm donor only, we wish to bring our child up with two mummies and wish for no contact with the donor. Decision being that this would enable us to be a family unit as two equal parents. We only wish to conceive using AI (given our sexual preference !)

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  1. Hi Lynne I’m Goddaz I’m a donor based in Sheffield and I’m interested in being your donor. I’m happy to sign a donor contract to waiver any parental rights if you wish. If you any questions feel free to contact me.

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