Lynn – Finding A Sperm Donor

I am a 38 year old white women with long blonde hair from East Ayrshire and i would like a family i was with a partner for 10 years and he run off with another women. Both my parents have past away and i don t see my brother very often as he is in the R.A.F All my friends have Children so i feel like the black sheep i am starting to panic that my time is running out and i won t have any children.

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  1. Hey Lynn,
    feel free to have a look at my profile and message me if you are interested.
    Maybe I can help you with your plans.
    Have a nice day,

  2. hi Lynn , i am black and willing to donate my sperms if you want, i love interacial children and always been looking to make some interacial babies because they are just so cute,
    please contact me if you are interested

  3. Hi Lynn.

    I am white with blue eyes. Non smoker. Exercise regularly and have healthy children of my own.

    How would you like to do this and how far are you able to travel?

  4. Hi
    Bernard thank you for offering to help me i don t drive but my mum and dad both drive and would me for something as important as this so Travel should nt be a problem .

    kind Regards Lynn Xx

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