Lucy Sperm Donor Needed Please – Southwest

Hello, what to say in a little box that would make us stand out…… My husband and I are unable

to conceive so we are looking for some help from a wonderfully considerate donor (hopefully you),

to help to make our dreams come true. We live in the depths of Cornwall, which is a beautiful

environment for a child to grow up in, but it makes finding a donor a little bit more difficult

sadly. We are willing to travel for the right donor or to pay toward their expenses. We are

looking for a donor only, no co-parents and no contact after conception please, however we would

like any medical/hereditary history and up to date sti/std test results please. Lastly, my husband

and I are ideally looking for a donor that is 6″ and over with dark hair and with green eyes

ideally, or brown. Please message me if you want to know more or feel that you’d be able to help

us. Thank you for reading this, it was longer than originally intended.

3 Replies to “Lucy Sperm Donor Needed Please – Southwest”

  1. Hello to you both. I’m shaun and have read your post and sympathise with your situation. I’m willing to assist you in your quest for a child within your wishes. I’m 6 ft tall slim have no health issues and meet your requirements re hair and eye colour. I’m totally at ease with no contact after conception. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks.

  2. We are looking for a AI (NI as a last resort) sperm donor to help us realise our dream of children. We are a same sex lesbian couple living in Falmouth and are looking for a local man who can commit to 3-5 donations each and every month until conception. This will help us to realise our dream. Please help us if at all possible.

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