Lucy Sperm donar wanted!

Hello, I am a Caucasian 24 year old woman who is looking for a sperm donor in South Wales. I have brown hair and blue ish eyes, I’m 5ft 5in and heterosexual, I was married but have since divorced and decided to complete my little family on my own. I would prefer a no contact clause.
Thank you very much for reading, I hope to hear from you soon!

2 Replies to “Lucy Sperm donar wanted!”

  1. Hi Lucy
    If you are still looking then I could possibly help you. I’m a NI donor with good Quick success rates. Please look at my profile or contact me at my profile is Gareth10

  2. I’d be happy to help you start your family, no contact is ok with me if that’s what you want. Message me if you’re interested or would like any more information about me x

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