Lucille1 Looking for a sperm donor

My wife and I are looking for a sperm donor in the Milton Keynes area. We are a loving married lesbian couple who would love to have a child. We are looking for: Caucasian, blue or green eyes blonde or brown hair, tall preferably a non smoker and moderate drinker. A health screening test is essential. No co parenting required, contact with the child when the child is 18 can be discussed.

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  1. Hi appreciate someone else has contacted you but if things don’t work out between this potential donor. Please consider myself.

    I’m a Caucasian male, late 30’s. I have blue eyes and brown hair, and am 5’10” tall male. I try to eat healthy where possible and only drink small amounts and quit smoking 10 years ago. Got on my bike and started running again.

    Will to do health screening as required. Respect your wishes regarding contact with any potential child produce.

  2. Hi there Jade.

    I’m 43, white, 6ft, very short darkish blonde hair (slightly thin on top) and blue eyes + blonde eyebrows.

    I live in Oxford.. is that too far? if yes.. I honestly don’t mind travelling.

    As I can catch the Stagecoach X5 from here direct to Milton Keynes.

    I have no health problems, I have never smoked, don’t drink, don’t drugs and I’m fit & healthy.

    I would love to help you.

    Please do feel free to send me a message and I shall reply.. from Paul.

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