Lora and Sara Black donor needed – can you help

We are a happily married lesbian couple looking for a black donor. We have one mixed-race child so far (aged 5) and are desperate to have just one more. We run our own business and are fortunate enough to live out in the countryside, along with one dog and a cat. We’re clean-living, healthy and holistic, and we love our family to bits. We’d love to be able to give our little one a brother or sister.
We can travel and will insist on proof of sexual health screening, followed by AI. We require no involvement and there will be no financial or other responsibilities (we have a contract to sign, which protects all parties). The donor is welcome to be known to the child at the age of 18, should they wish, and we would very much like to get to know the donor well, in terms of personality, background, family history and medical information, so that we may pass this onto the child).
If you think you can help, please get in touch!

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  1. Hi Lora/Sara,

    I will be willing to help, if you’re willing to travel up to South Yorkshire. I can also meet up at your place, if that is your preference.

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