Looking for sperm donor, SE England

Looking for a sperm donor in or near East Sussex.

I have a son already and since he has no cousins, I want him to have a sibling. I need to try whilst I’m still able (I’m 39..!), but due to motherhood and work I don’t have much opportunity to meet someone at the moment, and if I did, it seems unfair to put such a pressure on a new relationship.

To match my son’s features, I’m looking for a white caucasian donor, 5’8″ or taller, medium build, brown or green eyes, blond or brown hair.

If I’m lucky enough to have a child through this process, I don’t want the donor to be involved in my child’s life, but once my child becomes an adult, I’d like them to have the option to know their biological father, to find out who he is his.

I’d also very much appreciate it if the donor wouldn’t mind being contacted for any medical issues.

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