Lois I’m looking for a sperm donor in the UK preferably not miles and miles away but not someone I would bump into on the street one day

I have been in a relationship with my partner for 3 years (lesbian) and we have decided we would like to start a family together. As you can tell that isn’t possible for us scientifically without someone’s help which is why I have come here.

Preferably I would like the child if we are so lucky to be as similar to us as possible.

We are both Caucasian females, my grand father was 50% Scottish so have a little of that too but otherwise all British. I have brown hair and brown eyes and my partner has blue eyes and brown hair. So ideally any of the 2 is good, however my mums side of the family seems to dominate the brown eyes. My dad has blue eyes but all 6 of us kids got brown eyes like my mum. All of my partners family have blue eyes so there was no chance of another colour.

We would like to donor to have no contact with the child whatsoever to try and have the normal family life that heterosexual couples have. Although we understand it’s different we want to be the only parents involved.

I would be the carrier and would like to use the AI method

If anyone can be of any help to me and my partner it would be hugely appreciated and a great opportunity for us to get to the next step in our lives together.

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