9 Replies to “Lo donor needed in Cornwall ai/ ni”

  1. Hi

    I’m 34, white, single, and am really interested to help someone out like you. I’d be as involved or uninvolved as you wish. I prefer the idea of chatting and getting to know each other, but open to just helping you out, should tht be what you need.

    I’m a musician/creative type, down to earth and easy to talk to. Would like to chat. I’m just north of London.


    1. Hi Martin,

      Thank you for your response. You sound like an interesting, genuine guy and I would definitely be interested in talking more and discussing the possibilities.

      Without all of the spaces of course, then we can exchange other contact details.

  2. Hi there my name is Ricky yuill i am 32 years old and would like to talk about helping you have a child, please give me an email or call you can message me anytime with questions

  3. 16 year old single male… Jk 23 years old. that has had family members that have had this issue and many people have been kind enough to help them out. My sister and her
    Husband being one of them my sister told me about how glad she finally was she could have a child I’m now seeking to help other women feel this way.

  4. I am 34 years south asian guy live in cornwall intrested to help some lady to fulfils their family dream. I have never done before neither have children fell free to contact me cheers

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