Lisa Looking for somebody to help

Hi im lisa im 27.
Me and my long term partner who is also a female would like to start our own little family.
We are both in a perfect position to fulfil our dreams with amazing dreams ahead of us.
Were looking for sombody to help us through this difficult process.
Thank you

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  1. Hi,
    Where about are you guys … I love the idea of helping out such … (I am in the South West myself)
    Kind Regards

  2. I am 29 years old good looking tall not a bad build of a man i will Donate sperm to any 1 in the uk if contacted by email as long as you are will to travel to get the sperm from me in Doncaster with a kit provided by your Doctor please do feel free to email strait away and we can have your problem sorted in 1 month i will be donate in to doncaster hospital as well in the next few month so please do feel free to contact them and ask for my sperm Paul Hart. I am in the Doncaster area.

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