Lisa Looking a sperm donor

Hey my partner and I have been trying for nearly 6 years to get pregnant. We have discovered it’s because of his low sperm count. Would love to find someone that is willing to help us out. There would not have to be any commitment after the baby is conceived. Please get in touch x

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  1. Hi, my partner and I are currently going through 3rd round IVF, complication being over 40 impacts egg quality and carrying.
    Fertilisation rates 9 of 14 eggs and last time 7 of 11, with three embryos, miscarried unfortunately following heartbeat in scan.
    Sperm count/ml, volume, mobility, etc all good and also consistent over each cycle sample.
    STD checks inline with IVF (every 3months) – clear. For this reason not interested in NI but happy to provide home sample to help couples that have a firm relationship but missing the last piece in the jigsaw (I can relate to).
    Appearance 6’4, white, light brown hair, blue green eyes, slim (34” leg, 32-34” waist). Degree educated. Non-smoker, small drinker (wife doesn’t).

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