Linda – AI Donor Required in London

Our names are David and Linda and we are a married couple in our early 30’s, living in West London. I have two wonderful teenage daughters from a previous relationship and David has been an amazing father to them both. We have been married 10 years and would love to have another child together who would be very loved by all four of us but unfortunately after years of fertility issues it has been discovered David has had a lessening sperm count which is now at zero.
We are very upset but are determined to fulfil our dream of a third child as we know what a perfect set up we have for an additional child.
David and I currently run a children’s nursery together which is very well rated in the community, this doesn’t make us rich but we are secure and it means we can spend all day as a family if we succeed in a pregnancy, as the baby could join us at the nursery and play amongst the other babies and toddlers.
Despite our family home life being full of love and happiness, there is something missing due to the fact we have been trying to conceive for so long without success and have suffered so many near misses. To have a baby would be life changing for our family.
We are currently seeking a sperm donor who would be happy have no contact with us or the child after birth unless the child wishes to meet them. We will only consider artificial insemination and would be happy to travel to collect it (within an hour drive) or compensate travel costs so a donor could drop a donation to us.
Seeking donors:
AI only
Caucasian only though open to Nationality
Aged 21 – 40
Blonde or brown hair
Open to eye colour though not dark brown
Healthy and STD free
Happy to not be involved

I am a musical, arty, domesticated, loving mother with years of experience in working with children and qualifications in childcare including a Bachelors Degree and David is a hard working, academic man who has always been a supportive husband through our fertility issues. We never argue and have regular family nights, days out and movie evenings. We are a very close, affectionate family of four wishing to become a family of five.

We would be very appreciative of your time and effort to get in touch and welcome any questions although we do ask that you only get in touch if you are confident you are able to commit to donating at least once as we have had so much heart ache that has led to this point.
Eagerly awaiting emails.
Thank you
Linda and David

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  1. Hello thee my name is Emanuel,I’m 24,
    I’m interested to donate sperm,
    I’m a nice guy,involved in life,studying,playing piano,and I would like to help your family!
    Let me know if you are interested to meet me,
    I’m a very good looking,

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