Lesbian couple Looking to Find a Sperm donor in Rushock, Worcestershire, United Kingdom


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Lesbian couple
Find a Sperm donor
Age: 35
Location: Rushock, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

Other Info:

Please have a look at our profile and see if you are will to help us.

We are from Worcester and go to the NHS once a month to get hormone tablets to make me produce 2 eggs rather than the usual 1 and then I have an ovulation inject so we know exactly when to try to conceive; that then gives us a 5 day window.

We have been trying for 3 years now, I have been tested for fertility and I am all good. So we need to change our donor. All I have ever wanted is to be a mummy…

A bit about us, we have been married 5 years this year and together for 7 years. We only want AI with a donor NO SEX! NO MONEY!!

Contact with the Child is something that we have thought about alot WE DONT WISH TO HAVE A DAD OR MONEY FOR THE CHILD and feel that when the child asks us we want to be honest and tell them how they came about (taking into account age when it comes to details); this will mean that if the child wishes to know who the donor is then we will tell them (again, taking into account age when it comes to details).

We believe that partents are own raise the child, but it will be the childs choice if they wish to contact the donor.

So if you dont not wish to EVER know or meet the child then we are not the right couple.

We are a stronge and happy couple, full of love and wish to talk to anyone who will be willing to help us make a family!

Hope to hear from you soon

Tracy and Mandy

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  1. Hi Tracy, I am willing to be a donor for you and maybe hope to put end of three years hard of waiting becoming a mother and find enjoy happiness together with mandy… I was born 22/04/70 and live near evesham and able to travel to rushockby by car but never been donor before, so do fully respect your terms in comments and only wish to help… Regards John

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