Lesbian couple Looking to Find a sperm donor in Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom

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Lesbian couple
Looking to Find a sperm donor
Age: 30
Location: Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Other Info: Hello we are a married lesbian couple looking to have a baby. We are looking for a donor, but would like the child to know who their biological father is with some contact, but no legal rights over the child. If your interested in helping please email.

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  1. Hello, I’m looking to help the right couple by becoming a donor. Altruism is my main motivator in my decision to become a donor, however I would be interested in the child knowing who I am. I’m 25, white, educated, and a teacher. Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss this further and see if we are the right match for eachother.

    Best Regards


  2. hi,
    i am 23 years old an i would like to help you. I’m doing this for money.
    Waiting for your reply at —————————

  3. Hi,

    I’m Jonny and I live in Preston. I read an article on the BBC that genuinely nice couples in the UK are unable to have children and need sperm donors. I live in Preston and would love to be able to help such a couple. If you are interested please contact me directly through my facebook page.

    1. Hi jonny. My 2 friends are a lesbian couple and they are wanting to find a sperm donor. They are from leyland not far from you. How much are you wanting?

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