Lesbian couple Looking to Find a sperm donor in Liverpool, United Kingdom


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Lesbian couple
Find a sperm donor
Age: 29
Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom

Other Info: Hi
myself and my partner are looking for someone to help us create our family we have been together for three years now we are in a loving relationship we would be over the moon if you would help us achieve are one wish to have a child. I feel its important to be honest and staight forward we would only consider ivf isu method so looking for a simple donation.

Many Thanks

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    1. Hi there me and my girlfriend of 4 years are looking for a sperm donor we are based in widnes and are looking for a donation only we have had a donor in the past who donated once then decided he didn’t want to donate again which broke our hearts if you feel you are the type of donor we are looking for please get in touch we are desperate to become a family unit we live together are engaged have a dog and cat if we was a straight couple the next thing on the list would be children we just don’t have the supplies 🙂 hope to hear from you soon Tara and Diane x

  1. Hi rach, I’m a 25 year old male come from a healthy family no added health issues. I’m fully fit swimmer. I’m a parent to one 4 year old girl. So I see the full potential of joy a child brings and would be delighted to help if need be to help you and your partner wish to need me.

    I’m blonde blue eyes and average build. And from the south Liverpool area and can travel.

  2. Hello Tara and Diane I’ve just read your comment and would love to help. If you would like to chat more then please get in touch on ——————– or type that in facebook. X

  3. Hi gary me and my girlfriend are looking for a donor could you email us and tell us a little more on how things work thanks

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