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  1. Hey πŸ™‚ I’m from falkirk. Almost 22. I’ve helped a woman get pregnant before. By sperm donation through a site like this. Send me an email if you want to know more etc πŸ™‚ I’m interested in helping women and couples that can’t have children through no choice of their own πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Christopher, I stay in Dumfries, is this too far for you to be any good to me? I’m single (widowed!) and want to be a mum! Let me know x

      1. Hi Laura, I’m in Glasgow, self employed and travel all over Scotland and North England for work, so you’re not too far if I could be of use to you? I’m 26 and have a child to an ex partner.

        1. hi there andy me and my mrs are lookin for a donor we r from glasgow if you could get back to us please and how much mate cheers

          1. I’m from Motherwell. Almost 35. I’ve helped a woman get pregnant before. I have two kids , a girl and a boy. I work in the IT industry . Send me an email if you want to know more etc πŸ™‚ I’m interested in helping women and couples that can’t have children through no choice of their own πŸ™‚

      1. Hi, I wrote the original message but never received any notification of the comments, myself and my partner are still looking for a donor in Glasgow area for AI.


        1. Hi,

          replying again as think I may have put wrong email.

          I wrote original message but never saw any of the comments until now. I am now 28 my partner of 11 years is 31, we have lived together 8 years and think we are now financially and mentally ready to start a family. we would prefer AI

          any questions just ask

  2. Young lesbian couple in west Lothian, Scotland looking for a donor to help us complete our family. No contact, A.I only. Please contact me if you can help!!

    1. Hi Will, I was just wondering if you were still looking to become a donor? I am from Glasgow and would love if you could drop me an email if you are still willing to donate :)? Thanks!

  3. Hi there.
    Lesbian couple ages 23 and 32 looking for donor for AI only.

    Would love to hear from anyone in our age range who might be interested in helping us
    Thanks x.

  4. Hi we are a lesbian couple in the Stirling area looking for a sperm donor, we would love to have a family of our own. we would be grateful if anyone could email and get back to us. thanks.

  5. Hi, I’m 28 yo professional working as a Software Engineer. Good looking, slim athletic body, healthy. I’m happy to help woman with also good genes to get pregnant. I live in Glasgow, but can easily travel in Scotland area.

    1. Hi greg we are interested in a donor by AI and no contact afterwards. are you interested this way? Could you tell me a bit more about yourself? Thanks Natalie xxx

  6. Hi there were a young happy lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor in paisley or glasgow to donate with no contact after wards. we are getting married and want to share our day with our own child. I’m 21 soon so I’m young and healthy and the baby would be brought up in a very loving home as we are desperate to be a family. if you could help that would be amazing. just drop me an email. thanks Natalie-Emma1 xxx

  7. Hi myself and my partner are looking for a donor I am 26 and my partner is 27. We feel it’s time to start a family we both love kids and we have a many nieces and nephews. We would like to be the next couple in the family to have a baby. We could prefer no contact afterwards if you could help this would be amazing. Drop me an e-mail x

    1. Hi folks. I am available for young healthy single or couples that are looking to start a family. I am if fit build. Professional work in health and safety. From Falkirk here is my number is interested or want to know more.

  8. Hi I am an always available and willing donor from Glasgow who has already helped two couples become a family. Leave me your details and I will be in touch.

  9. Hi we are a married lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor in the Glasgow area, our coparent username is Karen90 if you want to have a look and get in touch x

  10. Hi

    I’m 26 from Edinburgh and have 2 kids from a previous relationship I’m willing to help couples out. I am free from hiv AIDS etc.. I was recently tested. I’m average height with dark features. My family history is free of cancer and heart problems. If someone would like my help feel free to ask any questions

  11. Hi my name is Ashley am 21 and my partners name is Karen she’s 27 we are looking for for a sperm donor in the Glasgow area so if u are interested
    in helping us out please get in touch

      1. Hi Stephen we are a same sex couple looking for an AI donor with no contact with child. Could you help us out?

  12. Hi my name is Karen am 27 my partners name is Ashley 21 we are looking for a sperm donor in the Glasgow area but no contact afterwards if anyone is interested in helping use please get in touch

    1. Hi there Karen , I am 34 years old and have three children of my own . Please contact me if you still seek a donor. I live in south lanarkshire but travel all over scotland.

  13. Hi is any one need help in sperm donation i can help you out here is my mail id plzz mail me so that i can help you out. Iam in glasgow.

  14. Hi, I am 27 years old and from Falkirk. I would like to help out to become a sperm donor. You can contact me at ————————-

  15. Looking for a sperm donor in glasgow area for AI only. In a civil partnership. Been TTC for two months and donor has pulled out..

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