13 Replies to “Lesbian couple Looking to Find a sperm donor in Dechmont, West Lothian, Scotland”

    1. Hi, I am also looking for a sperm donor. I stay in glasgow. Get in touch if you’re still looking to donate, thanks.

  1. Hi me and my parter are wanting to start a family and are also looking for a donor if you could get in touch with me Garry on —————-thank kind regards leoni

  2. Hiya my name is Dylan a would love
    To donate my sperm to a gay couple of just a couple something
    I have always wanted to do! Please get in touch am open to all answers

  3. Hi x my name is martyn, im 22years old athletic build 5ft8 blonde hair piercing blue eyes . I want to give something in my life time ad what better to give than life its self , im interested in helping aslong as its using a home kit or traditional way , as i feel clinics are down grading for the child if use ever had to explain it to him/her future , no kid would want to here that they were conceived in a clinic . I would stay completely out of your lifes once you or both are pregnant, if use wish me to do so . Grt in touch if i appeal to you , happy to help

    1. Hi Martyn, if you are still looking to donate please let me know. My partner and I recently got married and are looking I start a family in the very near future. We live in the Livingston area but able to travel if need be.

      Sammy and Aimee.

  4. Hi I am willing to donate . I am 34 and live in south lanarkshire but travel all over scotland each week . So location should not be an issue. I have 3 kids of my own and all are beautiful and healthy. So if any one is still looking for a donor then contact me , thanks

    1. Hello there myself and my partner are both lesbians that are looking to pay for a donation of sperm to make a beautiful child please get in touch with us by email if you are willing to help our dream come true money waiting for donation

  5. I would like to donate my sperm, to a couple who deserve to have a family. Athletic ex military , speak 3 languages and studied engineering .

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