Lesbian couple Looking to Find a sperm donor in Biggar, South Lanarkshire, United Kingdom


Co-ParentMatch Profile ID: Pollock2908111
Lesbian couple
Find a sperm donor
Age: 20
Location: Biggar, South Lanarkshire, United Kingdom

Other Info: We are just a genuine nice couple who wants to start a family together but keep getting time wasters so would really like a genuine man to help us¬†achieve¬†what we desire “a family”

9 Replies to “Lesbian couple Looking to Find a sperm donor in Biggar, South Lanarkshire, United Kingdom”

  1. Hello there,

    Was reading you’re looking for sperm donor.

    Have considered this for a couple similar to yourself when
    I was living in New Zealand. I went through process and am familiar
    With what it involves.

    If you wanna get in touch , we can get things happening for
    you both.



  2. Hi there I’ve just foun your message here on this and hopefully your still willing to maybe help are you living locally in Scotland now or are you still in new Zealand?

  3. Hi my name is Ian I am 22 I live in Lanark and I seen you add and I would like to help if possible. I am very active and fit. Currently in the army so fitness is a big part of my life. Anyway thought I would offer any help I may bring the both of you. I’ll leave my number and give me a call or text anytime——————. Thanks

    1. Hi Ian, I came across your post and see that you too live in Lanark. My fiance and I are desperate to start a family and would be grateful if you could help us out. AI only.

      Kind regards,
      Emma and Sharon

  4. Hi, we are a married lesbian couple from same area looking for a sperm donor, how would I get in touch with you Ian? x

  5. Hello,

    I’ve responded to your profile on co parentmatch. I live in Edinburgh and am willing to help. Not sure if you still need a donor?


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