14 Replies to “Lesbian couple Looking to Find a sperm donor in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom”

  1. About myself: I am a shy chap with aspergers. I live in Portstewart Northern Ireland. I really really want kids. I am blonde, blue eyed, 6 ft 2, I don’t drink, don’t smoke, (anti drugs and all that rubbish) I have a good sense of humour, love music, seek someone to have children with and share that responsibility as good friends, and would be a good dad.

  2. Hi,
    My name is Aamir.I am in Liverpool originaly from Asia also I have mixed race (Dad=Asian,Mom=Persia) help to a family will be a honor for me so if u need any help so contact with me on my number or e-mail.
    Looking Forward to hearing from you.


  3. Hey I’m from west belfast.
    I’d would be happy to help.
    I’ve got two children and
    I know how happy they can
    Make you so I’d be happy to
    Help. I’m 30yr old. Healthy with healthy children.
    I’m attractive and muscular.

  4. Hi we are a lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor to help complete our family. We both been together for over 3 years and live together. We both have steady financial stability and have very supportive families and are keen to get on with things asap. We intend to use AI and no clinic. So any replies would be a blessing. Keen to start.
    Looking forward to a reply. Thanx

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