Lesbian Couple Liverpool Seeks AI Donor

Hi, thanks for taking the time to read our post.
We are a same sex couple looking to extend our family. We are a family of four, myself (26), my partner (22), our first son by AI donor (2) and our cat, Toby. I am currrently stay at home mummy whilst completing my degree, my partner is a professional and has the luxury of being able to work from home around meetings. We are getting married in 2018 and want to add to our family.

We are financially stable, offer a fantastic lifestyle for our son, and looking forward to the possibility of a new arrival.

We are looking for a very strict AI donor, preferably blue eyes and possibly blonde hair. Height is important and 6″+ would be the ideal. The donor will need several requirements health wise such as STI, family history of genetic diseases, number of successful donations…etc. As we aren’t new to this we are aware of what we want, rasonable costs will be covered and travel expenses reimbursed. We require a donor to agree and sign a legally recognised contract stating there will be no contact after conception. There will be no parental responsibility or rights and in return no financial obligations from the donor, both of these will be covered in the contract to protect both donor and recipient. We would consider photo updates upon request.

However, although we are actively seeking a donor, we will not require services imminently. We would like to take the time to ensure we have the right donor for us, and to make sure all parties are happy to proceed.

Thank you for reading!

Looking forward to your responses.

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  1. Hi my name is Matthew I am 23 I have 3 kids of my own 2 boys one girl I have blue eyes blondish hair I am a hard working lad and would be happy to help you if you would like me to I am new to this

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