Leo NI with Chrism

Hey, natural insemination sperm donor, practitioner of tantric/daoist sexuality, saving of the semen for one month then ejaculation into the fertile woman the day after her menses is said to produce the finest offspring, do not want to raise the child, just want to spread out DNA while helping women who need to become pregnant, the woman must be disease free and eat a healthy diet, while pregnant she must eat a even denser nutrient rich diet and organic, this is my only requirements then I’m willing to save my semen for one month in order to get you pregnant, also the giving of a female orgasm is vital to the reproduction process as it alkalises the vagina ready for insemination, I’m only doing this for a year until or until I have had 12 successful pregnancies,then we are to become a brahmacharya… IQ is 97 made up totally perceptional reasoning so improving of memory via linking technique I would be a genius, I just can’t remember random unrelated numbers prefer black women or women with green eyes

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