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  1. Hi could you please tell me where you are located.me and my partner are looking to start a family, we have been together for three years and are engaged

  2. Hi I am just wondering if u can help me I am single and would love to become a mum would love nothing more to be a mum if u can help will u please contact me

  3. Hi I am in a lesbian relationship and have been for 5years and recently married. We are now looking to start a family and would love to hear back from you if you are willing to help. Please get in touch via this as have lost password to my email account x

  4. Hi, I am in a Lesbian relationship, we have been together for 5 years, I have a daughter to a previous relationship. My partner has brought my daughter up since she was 1 as if she was her own. we would love to add another bundle of joy to our family. please get in touch if you are wiling to help. Thanks

  5. Me and my partner are looking to start our family within the next few months. (Lesbian couple) please could you get in touch x

  6. Hi I’m a single 29 year old female that would love to be a mummy again. I live in London but would rather this be anonymous x

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