Leanne couple looking for donor

I am a 30 yr old female currently in a long term relationship. My boyfriend has fertility problems and we are looking for a sperm donor to help us start a family, we are looking privately for a donor as we would like to find a donor that resembles my partner as much as possible. We are not looking for any contact from the donor afterwards.
My partner is white British and 5,9″ with a naturally athletic build, Brown hair and blue eyes. Please contact us if you think you can help. Thanks

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  1. Hi Leanne I’m in London & would like to offer to help you. I’m a NI Donor with good 1st time success rate.
    I’m white british with brown hair & brown eyes, I have 4 donor children & another just conceived last month. All but 1 were conceived on 1st or 2nd cycle so hopefully if I was to donate to you I could do the same, If you would like to discuss further please message me back, thanks.
    The best way to contact me is at co-parentmatch.com my id is Gareth10

  2. Hi, I’m a moss at 44, I’m 183 cm tall, 80 kg. weight, from Bulgaria. I am healthy, normally good, calm, patient. I could help you as a donor, but only that. If you want to call me.

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