lauren & vicki – married couple wanting to start a family

We are a recently married lesbian couple who we have been together 6 years. We are looking to start a family of our own.
we live in blackpool,lancashire.
we are looking for a sperm donor for AI who isnt looking to co-parent or have contact with the child upto the age of 18.
Please feel free to get in touch if you may be able to help.
Thank you

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  1. Hi, I’m 46 from Bolton, have a family of my own and would love to help you, more than happy with your conditions.

    1. Hi Gary would it be possible for you get in contact with me as I would like to discuss in more detail about Ai
      Thank you

  2. hi there i am chinese, slim and healthy and just had our handsome boy resectly.

    if you need help or more details just let me know.



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