Lauren – Looking for a sperm donor in Edinburgh/Fife/Glasgow

Hi my partner and I are looking for an AI donor asap, we have been looking for a while now but keep being let down but our hopes are still high. We have already started buying bits and bobs for the child and he/she already has their own room before we’ve even had a donor:D if anyone would be willing to help please get in touch I’d love to talk 🙂

3 Replies to “Lauren – Looking for a sperm donor in Edinburgh/Fife/Glasgow”

  1. Hello Lauren. Please get in touch with me regarding this. I believe I will be able to help. 6ft 4, natural redhead, blue eyes. Pictures can be provided.

  2. Hi Lauren, are you still in need for help am 6,1 ft little about myself short black Gray hair have no health issues live in glasgow

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