Laura Lesbian couple wanting to start a family

Myself and my partner are happily in a same sex relationship and we have been for the past 7 years now finally settled down both have good jobs and a house we are desperate to start a family and both adore kids was looking for a gentleman to help us make out dreams come true of being parents. We are looking for a sperm donor if you think you could help please get in touch thank you.

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  1. Hi Laura,

    I am a 37 year old male from west Dunbartonshire/Glasgow area.

    I am a professional, normal, genuine and good looking guy who is in a happy longterm relationship with similar professional partner.

    I do not have any children and never really had the intention of fathering a child. However, I would like to pass on my heritage/genes and add to the gene pool so to speak.

    Please get in touch for further Info.



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