4 Replies to “Kyle blue eye and blonde hair sperm donor in Glasgow”

  1. Hi I’m 21 woman called Stacey me and my partner are looking for a sperm doner she’s got fair blonde hair and blue eyes, where is I have ginger hair and green eyes, I’m quite small aswell she’s taller than me but I’m wanting to settle down and have kids and get married we both have amazing jobs and stay in dalry could you help?

    1. Hi I hope you both are well and I am more than willing to help u both so are u what NI or AI ? And any thing u like to know ?

  2. Hi kyle me and my fiance are looking for an a.i donor we arnt in a hurry and want to find the best suitable person thats out there. Do you have any convictions? Medical problems that could be passed down? And would you be wanting contact once the child was 18?

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