5 Replies to “Kris offer healthy sperm”

  1. Hi, Me and my trans partner are looking for a sperm donor. Im 18 and he is 19. we have a daughter already and would love to give her a sibling, would it be possible to have a private chat about this and what youre expecting?

    1. Are you still searching ??? I am very healthy, already have 2 very healthy and strong. I don’t do drugs. Just donating I ask nothing just that you take care of the kid. Email me directly if interested

  2. Hi, me and my partner are 23 and 21, been in a relationship for 6 years, recently engaged. We both have full time careers and a family home together. We have a strong family network and would be willing to meet in a hotel in London, sign contract if you wanted to financially and legally protect both parties and also we’d be willing to pay for this service if you were the right person. Obviously all this can be discussed, please do not hesitate to contact us if this is something of interest. Artificial Only. Thanks.

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