Kirsty Looking for (preferably Turkish/Turkish Cypriot) sperm donor aged 19-26.

I am a Scottish/Irish 18 year old girl from SE London. I am in a lesbian relationship, currently engaged. We have been considering having a child for the last year (since I have turned 18) and I am nearly 19 (in April 2018). We have decided it is the decision we want to make. She is Turkish Cypriot so we are looking for myself to birth a child of her ethnicity, so the kid can be that tad closer to her own. We would prefer the donor does not have contact with the child, but would like he/she to be able to contact their biological father in the future if curious.. we want to have a home insemination, as treatments are too expensive for us to afford.
The child doesn’t have to be Turkish Cypriot/Turkish If that is not available but we would prefer it for reasons that we have stated above.

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