Kierie 27yr old single Female looking for healthy donor Nottingham

I’m 27 years old from Nottingham. I’m single. And I would like a baby.

I’m mixed race of white British and black Caribbean heritage. I am heterosexual and single (for now) by choice. I’m level headed, charismatic, loyal and reliable. I don’t value working full time for the sake of paying bills and a few poxy luxuries – as a means to live out the rest of one’s life. I’m not career minded. To me a job is simply a job and I will never love working. I am however a free spirit; homely, creative and crave more out of life. I am a home-maker who is more than skilled at taking care of others. I value the small things in life like good food, family, laughter, kindness and home comforts. More than anything I would like to be a mother.

I have been in relationships in the past but find myself currently single. I am not looking for a partner right now. I do however want a child but without the complication of being in a relationship.

As it’s the 21st Century and people choose to co-parent rather than live like husband and wife – why should being a single parent be any different? Same sex cupples bring up happy healthy children. As do legal gaurdians such as grandparents/unlces/aunties. Some people end up single parents as a result of relationships sadly not working out or unplanned pregnancies. So why not take hold of the situation in a positive way and choose to be a single parent? Myself and my brother were brought up in a single parent household and do not feel we went without or suffered because of it. There were lots of other family members to give us love and affection besides our wonderful mother.

For some years I have wanted a child. I haven’t simply dived into it. I’ve waited and my thoughts and feelings have not changed in about 10 years.

I am comfortable with face to face contact with any potential sperm doner. I would prefer to meet them and know a little about them – even if after conception there is no contact again. Method of conception is dependant on how comfortable we both are with each other

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