Kay Black Healthy male looking to Donate

30 yr old Healthy Black Male, . ..I have a very strong desire to father a child and pass my genes on.

I’d welcome the opportunity to help out a family-minded woman with a similar urge to procreate. I’m open-minded about how this might happen. I do have a son which shows am fertile and would love to have more I’ve never had any STIs.
If you can provide a stable and loving home for a child then I’m not unduly concerned about your age or circumstances. I would want to contribute financially as well as emotionally, as let’s face it if you’re going to have a child with someone i believe you two should find a way to get along fine. I’m a gentle, understanding and considerate man who’s not at all ‘pushy’. I’m open to exchanging emails, chatting or meeting without any expectations or obligations either way.

We’d probably get on best if you were fairly bright, well informed, nature loving, and maybe a little unconventional, but this is by no means essential. .. who knows we can become parent in months to come.

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  1. Hello. Are you still available/interested in being a donor? Would love to chat so please email if you are.

  2. Hi
    We are a good looking fun couple looking for a black donor. Wife has always wanted a mixed race child which I cannot provided.
    Happy for her to be inseminated or made.love to my the more natural method as long as we can bring up the child .
    Let us know if interested
    Pic will be provided if genuine

    John and Sonia

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